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Unique probe rotation mechanism automatically contacts test points placed in various orientations.

F1T6060 / F2T6060


Automated Single-Sided TDR Measurement System
F1T6060 (1 probe)
F2T6060 (2 probe)
Single-ended and differential impedance measurements available. Unique rotating head and ionizer are standard.

Ground cap changer Optional

Ground cap changer (Optional)

In the past, the ground cap attached to the tip of a single-ended probe had to be replaced by the operator with a correct ground cap according to the measuring pattern pitch. However, with ground cap changer, probe unit moves to the replacement position of the ground cap changer and automatically attaches/detaches the ground cap. Up to five types of ground caps can be set in the changer which eliminates the need to change ground cap when measuring boards with multiple pattern pitches, thereby improving measurement efficiency.

Detailed Specification

F1T6060 (1 Probe) F2T6060 (2 Probe)
Max. Test Area

24 x 24” (610 x 610 mm)

18.5 x 20” (470 x 510 mm)

Max. Board Size

24.4 x 24.4” (620 x 620 mm)

20.4 x 20.4“ (520 x 520 mm)

Min. Board Size

1.6 x 1.6” (40 x 40 mm)

1.6 x 1.6” (40 x 40 mm) *1

Max. Board Thickness

0.39” (10 mm)

0.39” (10 mm)

Clamp System

Manual clamp or Vacuum plate (Optional) *2

Manual clamp or Vacuum plate (Optional) *2

Rotate Radius

Single end probe: 360°
Differential probe: ±90°

Single end probe: 360°
Differential probe: ±90°

Repeatable Accuracy X–Y

±0.4 mil (±10 µm)

±0.4 mil (±10 µm)

Repeatable Accuracy θ

Impedance Accuracy *3

Single end: 50 Ω±1%
Differential: 100 Ω±1%

Single end: 50 Ω±1%
Differential: 100 Ω±1%

Air Supply: Pressure

0.5 MPa

0.5 MPa

Air Supply: Volumetric flow rate

1.76 ft³/min. (50 ℓ/min.)

1.76 ft³/min. (50 ℓ/min.)

Power Supply
Single Phase AC200–240 V 50/60 Hz

5 A

8 A


1830 lbs. (830 kg)

1874 lbs. (850 kg)

Dimensions [ unit: inch(mm) ]

Required System

Control PC & Monitor *4

Operating Conditions 70–75°F (21–24°C), 30–70% relative humidity
* Do not use under the environment that has heavy condensing, dust, vibration, and/or corrosive gas.
Atmospheric Dew Point: −14°C or below (at 0.7 Mpa, dew point is 15°C or below)
Oil Mist Concentration: 1 mg/㎥ (ANR) or below

*1 There is a restriction on distance in which two probes can come in close proximity, thus it is minimum size measuring with one probe. *2 Vacuum pump is separately required. *3 Fluctuation at room temperature after calibration is ±2°C *4 Please contact our sales for details.

Supported Meter *5



Keysight Technologies

E5063A option TDR
E5071C+ENA option TDR
E5080B+option TDR

Teledyne LeCroy




*5 Please contact our sales for details. Meters to be purchased separately.