• Moving Probe Tester

Special Moving Probes from MicroCraft.

High Speed and High Accuracy Moving Probe Unit

Type9 Probe

Built-in Encoder
Type 9 probe is the standard probe* that is used in super high accuracy model E4S / F2S. Motor has built-in encoder. The smooth control through the feedback from this encoder allows reliable probing from the low to high speed region. In addition, MicroCraft’ unique setting will make sure to keep the low witness mark while increasing the speed.

* Optional when installing to models other than E4S/F2S.

Witness mark when contacting 20µm pad

Enhanced Rigidity of Probe
Probe is the final part to complete the precise positioning, however it is also the part that is influenced by numerous external factor. For example, temperature is one of these factor. MicroCraft have reconsidered all material and modified the design of the parts used to build the probe in order to enhance the rigidity and thus be insulates from the influence of external factor.

Type7 Probe

Type 7 probe is meticulously redesigned to its detailed composition parts with light weight material to support high speed testing. Furthermore, drive speed of the motor is adjusted to maximize the capacity of torque efficiency in order to realize the high speed probing.

Probe Features (Type7/9 common)

One Screw Replacement
With our new cartridge design, users can now easily change tips as required to achieve optimum results. Most importantly the touch down sensor which allows unparalleled performance in testing flexible boards, highly warped PCB's, cavities and different heights on surface.

Fine Tuning Probe Pressure
Probe pressure is adjusted by simple turn of a knob located on the rear of the probe unit. Compared to the adjustment with mechanical screw in the existing unit, the fine tuning adjustment in the new unit is much easier.

Probe Tip Lineup

Probe Tip
Two types of probe tips are available: “Blade” type is suitable for standard boards allowing stable probing with through holes, while “Needle” type is suitable for fine pitch boards such as BGAs.

Kelvin Probe Tip Optional
For low resistance measurements, Kelvin probes are also available. Kelvin probe needle tips achieve 20 µm pitch between the two contacts and allows testing of the C4 bumps on package boards.