• Moving Probe Tester

A variety of EMMA frame options are offered
depending on the type of the board and test environment.

Optional Frames

Multi Frame

Multi frame has been developed in order to minimize loading/unloading time during testing multiple small PCBs. Usually, this frame is used when there are more than one PCB to test. Optional

Super Tension Clamp

The Super Tension Clamp applies tension to the substrate by closing the lower clamp and fixing the substrate and then raising the upper clamp. Thin flexible boards can be securely tensioned to ensure accurate inspection. An optional Side Clamp may also be installed if further tension needs to be pulled horizontally. Optional

Vacuum Plate

The vacuum plate system allows you to easily test flexible, thin core, and even die cut FPC circuits. Through a “one-touch” process, the operator can quickly load and unload product. Optional