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Company History

Over the past 40 years, MicroCraft and the worldwide electronics industry have grown tremendously. MicroCraft's foundation has been built on engineering first and management second principle. This has allowed our engineering staff to cultivate their ideas and bring them to the market place. Among all our achievements, the VME bus system has truly brought market recognition and technical ability to MicroCraft. MicroCraft integrates knowledge of experienced engineers with unconventional ideas of young engineers in order to keep developing innovative products.
"The First OEM Period"

Design & production of electronic equipment such as audio systems for export.

1972: Established as "Hide Denshi".
1980: Developed Microcomputer Products.

"The Second OEM Period"

Development focused on devices related to micro computer such as various types of control devices utilizing Z80 and automatic vessel driving systems, etc.

1986: Developed VME boards.

VME boards

VME boards

Automatic vessel driving systems

Automatic vessel driving systems

"VME system Period"

Launched into design & production of VME system such as thrust force measuring system for jet engines, surveillance systems for a power company, etc.

1988: Introduced "muse"series

High speed control system muse series

High speed control system "muse" Series

1989: A technical relationship with VIGRA in U.S.A
1990: A power company introduced MicroCraft's VME bus system as the surveillance system.

"Moving Probe Bare Board Tester Period"

Developed a high-speed, high-accuracy test system based on our design and technology of VME systems. Over 1600 systems have been installed worldwide.

1993: Introduced the rst bare board tester, "EMMA".

Moving Probe Bare Board Tester EMMA

Moving Probe Bare Board Tester "EMMA"

1994: A technical relationship with IGI in U.S.A
1996: Began distribution in USA and Europe.
1998: Certied for ISO9001
1999: Established USA MicroCraft, Inc.

"Product Diversification Period"

Advancements in the diversication of our products by developing TDR system for PCB Tester in addition to open/short testing, PCB tester, and direct legend printer.

On-Demand InkJet Printing System

On-Demand InkJet Printing System

2001: Introduced "8 Probe System"
2002: Introduced drop-on-demand inkjet system
2003: Established Tanaka factory
2005: Established Shanghai MicroCraft Ltd.
2008: Established India sales & support office
2009: Established MicroCraft Korea Co., Ltd.
2012: Released bare board tester, "E4 Series"
2012: Released drop-on-demand inkjet system, "CraftPix Series"
2014: Expansion of "CraftPix Series" to various market such as nameplate printing.

Bare Board Tester [E4 Series]

Bare Board Tester "E4 Series"